Who can join?

The membership of Le Societe De Camaraderie shall be active or retired peace officers, per Section 830 of the Penal Code, and civilians who are not peace officers but who have demonstrated unconditional support of and a respect for the principles upon which this Societe was founded.

— Attend monthly dinner-meetings at Nature Friends hall as a guest, to meet and interact with general membership

— Submit membership application, signed by two sponsoring members, together with a $25 application fee  

— The Coordinating Council will review the application at its monthly meeting 

— After review, the Coordinating Council forwards approved applicants for a vote at the following monthly dinner / general attendant membership meeting

— Following a favorable vote, the applicant is sworn and obligated to membership at a subsequent dinner-meeting

— Dues are $10 per month for general membership – payroll deduction available