What is Le Societe de Camaraderie?

When founded in 1937, state law prohibited a club composed entirely of police officers. So back then, there was no formal organization for the betterment of Oakland Police (The Oakland Police Officers’ Association is today that organization). The founders realized the need for such an organization, dedicated to the welfare and benefits of police officers, hence the “Omar Club” was formed. The first meetings were held in the basements of the founders.

On September 24th, 1940, the organization was incorporated under the laws of the state of California as a non-profit social, fraternal and welfare corporation without capital stock. At the time of its incorporation the name was changed from the Omar Club to Le Societe de Camaraderie. The purpose and objectives for which this society was founded were to, in part – bring together, socially and fraternally, friends that may be united in a sprit of fellowship, patriotism, loyalty to their fellow members, their country and to help a member in a time of need and to aid the families of fallen members.

Members of this society went on to help in the organization of the Coordinating Council of the Oakland Police and Fire Departments. One of the Past Presidents of our society, Don Rodman, aided in the founding of the Peace Officers Research Association of California, PORAC. The first meetings of PORAC were held on Harrison Street in Oakland in 1951.

Today Camaraderie continues its tradition as a brotherhood that serves its members, law enforcement and the community. Although begun by and comprised of only members of the Oakland Police Department, Le Societe de Camaraderie has for decades welcomed members from every Bay Area police agency as well as police agencies across the state.

Every month active and retired cops, civilians and guests get together to enjoy our unique comradeship, share stories of the past, renew our contacts and friendships, and embrace the newcomers to our profession.